Saturday, March 25, 2017

ITunes 12.6 Released

Apple have released version 12.6 of their iTunes media player. New version fixes a bunch of security vulnerabilities.

More information about the security content of iTunes 12.6 can be read from related security advisory.

Users of old versions should update to the latest one available.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

New PHP Versions Released

PHP development team has released 7.1.3 and 7.0.17 versions of the PHP scripting language. All PHP users are recommended to upgrade their versions to the latest release of the correspondent branch.

Version 7.1.3
Version 7.0.17

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Shockwave Player Update Available

Adobe have released an updated version of their Shockwave Player. The new version fixes a security vulnerability that could potentially lead to escalation of privilege (CVE-2017-2983).

Users of Adobe Shockwave Player and earlier should update to Adobe Shockwave Player

More about fixed vulnerabilities and other information can be read from Adobe's security bulletin.

Adobe Flash Player Update Available

Adobe have released updated versions of their Flash Player. The new versions fix a critical vulnerability that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

Affected versions:
- Users of Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows and Macintosh should update to Adobe Flash Player

- Users of Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Linux should update to Adobe Flash Player

- Flash Player integrated with Google Chrome will be updated by Google via Chrome update

- Flash Player integrated with Internet Explorer 11 (on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10) and Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) will be updated via Windows Update

More information can be read from Adobe's security bulletin.

Microsoft Security Updates For March 2017

Microsoft have released security updates for March 2017.

Details about the updates can be read from release notes. Summary of the updates (filter by inserting 02/15/2017 to the From field and 03/14/2017 to the To field) here.

ESET Monthly Threat Report: February 2017

ESET have published a report of top ten threats in February 2017

TOP 10 threats list (previous ranking listed too):
1. Win32/TrojanDownloader.Wauchos (1.)
2. JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment (6.)
3. LNK/Agent.DA (4.)
4. HTML/FakeAlert (7.)
5. Win64/TrojanDownloader.Wauchos (3.)
6. JS/ProxyChanger (2.)
7. Win32/Bundpil (5.)
8. JS/TrojanDownloader.Nemucod (-)
9. HTML/Refresh (9.)
10. Win32/Adware.ELEX (8.)

Complete report (with a description about each of the above listed threats) can be viewed here.

Google Chrome Updated

Google have released a version 57.0.2987.98 of their Chrome web browser. Among other changes the new version contains 36 security fixes. More information about changes in Google Chrome Releases blog.